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Summer Exercise Program

Looking for some accountability this summer? Here are some exercise options to help keep you fit, moving and feeling good for the summer!

Keeping in mind, that it is summer, and everyone’s schedules are different, here are some great options for you with some flexibility to book on your own time.

Pick from any of the following…

1. Personal Workout Program Design and Set Up – $50 for a personal training session

This includes a 45 min session for you to come into the studio and have a personal program designed for you, whether you chose to do it at home or come in to the studio and do it on your own.

2. Exercise Videos – $40 for the summer

This includes a 30 min session to come into the studio and go over the videos to review and establish which ones would be best for you and in what order to do the exercises. This gives you 30 individual exercise videos as well as three – 20 min videos. These videos are of me showing proper form and technique.

Click here to see our Summer Videos Available

3. Studio Rental – $10/visit

Use the studio as you wish to hold yourself accountable as well as the equipment. If you have your own workout program in mind, that’s great, or this could tie in with #1 or #2 option.

4. Small Group Circuit Training – $15/person

Put together a small group of at least 3 of your friends and come and do a circuit training class. Book your own time and day! I will put the class together for you.

5. Aquafit Class – $15/person

Put together a small group of at least 3 of your friends and come and do an aquafit class. Book your own time and day!

6. Accountability Group – $25 for the summer

Maybe you just need an accountability partner???? I would love to start an accountability FB Group. Here I will post 3-4 times a week:

* A quick 10 min workout routine for you to do anywhere
* A short video of me showing you how to do one of the exercises in this routine
* A new recipe
* A motivational quote

You are required to post at least one of the following each week: The more you post, the more points you get. There will be a prize given at the end of the 8 weeks for the winner with the most points. I am working on the “accountability point chart” now. If you are interested in participating in this, I will send it your way.

* A pic of you doing one of the exercises
* Any workout that you have done that week
* A sweaty selfie pic
* Share any new recipes or exercise tips

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