Spring session is coming to an end…….but I have some SUMMER options for you!

Well ladies we are getting ready to wrap up this spring session and I just wanted to remind everyone that our last week of group classes will be June 18th-21st. For my personal training clients, we will continue to go until June 28th, and then the studio will be closed for the summer. If you interested in working out with me at home during the summer months, I have a few different exercise programs that you can purchase for the months of July and August. This may be just what you need to keep you going through the summer until we resume again in the fall. I have two different packages for you to choose from. If interested, email hrobbins@cogeco.ca
Package A – 30 individual exercises for you to mix and match and pick from. These are 2 minute videos that show you how to do the exercise correctly. There is a mix of lower body, upper body, core and compound muscle group exercises to chose from, consisting of full body exercises. The attached video is a sample of one of the 30 exercises that you will have to work with. $24.99
Package B – Recipe Ebook consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas, as well as some great nutrition tips. You will also receive three complete workout videos that are 20 mins each in length. One for your Lower Body, one for Core and one for a Full Body Workout. These consist of a variety of exercises put together for you to follow along with. More information on this coming out soon. If you are not already on FB go to
https://www.facebook.com/GraceFitByHope/ for more details.