Program Outline

Here’s How The Spring into Summer Weight Loss Challenge Works:
Program Runs from May 1st – June 23rd.
Cost $50.00

The Format

The group will be run mainly through a closed Facebook group. “Closed” means no one but group members can see what’s posted or what comments are made. After sign up, you will be invited into the group. It is my expectation that all posts will be kept confidential, so that each member feels comfortable sharing with others! We will also be using Dropbox where pictures and recipes can be accessed and shared. This will be a closed group as well.

The Expectations of Group Members

In order to be committed and accountable, each member should post a minimum of 4x per week on FB OR Dropbox. This provides a foundation of support, motivation, education and ideas. Group members are encouraged to check in daily for their own support and to support their fellow group members. You can also text or email Hope at any time, but this will not be considered a group post.

Suggested Posts

Posts could consist of the following ideas: meals, exercises, weight (optional), quotes, recipes, and thoughts about weekly topics. You might consider taking a picture of you doing a workout with the date, your photo, or share a thought or quote about the workout. What did you like about it? What was difficult about it?


If your goal is to lose weight, you will email me your starting weight with a picture of you standing on a scale. There will be weekly weigh-ins.


Measurements will be taken at the start, middle and end of the program and shared with Hope. Before and after pictures allow you and Hope to see your progress. If you chose to take pictures, and want to share them, please do so. It is optional to post in the group, but it is very motivating and helpful to see other’s success, as well as getting you back on track if needed.

The Expectations of Hope

In Hope’s daily post, she will provide recipes, quotes, motivational ideas, exercise tips, and sample meals, in addition to the nutrition plan and exercises provided in the program.

Nutrition Plan

A full nutrition plan, with recipes, meal ideas, and weekly topics will be provided.

Weekly Exercises

Hope will provide three new exercises for you to do each week through interactive videos.

Group Meetings

Hope will arrange for the group to meet at different times (optional) as this is an on-line program. Meetings could consist of group walks, exercise review or sharing ideas. Let’s see what direction the group prefers.

Are you ready to participate in the challenge?

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