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You are energy!

And energy needs to move. It’s really that simple.
I mean, I could make it much more complicated but that would be unnecessary.
Your body is a collection of energy. Even when you’re perfectly still, there are billions of electrons
vibrating at a speed that would surpass even the most advanced race-car. There is a little city of
neurons and chemicals inside you, operating at all times.

We live in an increasingly stressful world, where one in every 4 people suffer from depression and/or
anxiety. Almost everyone has been on an antidepressant or knows somebody who has been on an
antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication. While it’s hard to pin-point all the factors involved in this epidemic, I can tell you that the only way out of this dark pit, is to get moving. At the root of any sort of depression is emotional pain; either stemming from a traumatic event or a set of circumstances.

Healing from trauma and painful emotions requires movement. Look at the word E-motion and you
will see that the word starts with the letter E followed by motion . I teach my clients and students thatthe E stands for energy that must be in-motion.

Motion could be writing, which I’m doing right now by sharing my thoughts with you. Or it could be
walking or jogging or a very slow and gentle movement like Thai Chi or Yoga. However, often the best
approach is to develop a relationship with a personal trainer or coach.

Healing happens through relationship. So, why not contact me and get a free assessment? Let’s
discuss your health and see if we can create a tailored program to meet your needs and get your body
moving. All you need to do is take the first step.Wishing you optimal health and wellness,