How to Create a Healthy Snack Area in Your Fridge

Healthy Snack

One of the reasons we all go for unhealthy snacks is because they are usually easier to grab. It is much easier to grab a chocolate bar than wash some nice berries. I found that having a healthy snack area makes it easier to grab and go. I can grab a small bags of grapes, a cheese stick, and some nuts without needing to search through the fridge. Everything is prepared in advance and ready to eat. It is amazing that something as simple as a designated snack area can make such a big difference. But it did. Here are some tips for putting together a designated snack area in your refrigerator.

How to Create a Healthy Snack Area in Your Fridge- GraceFit by Hope
1. Keep food contained using a drawer

The biggest issue with finding snacks to eat was finding snacks to eat. My refrigerator could be packed with cheese sticks, yogurt, fruit, and everything else but if it is not right in front of your face then it does not exist. We like things to be easy, quick and convenient.

To keep all the snacks together I use a removable refrigerator drawer or plastic container. You don’t need anything fancy or a special size. Use what works best for you. I like the clear drawers because you can see all the snacks, especially ones that might fall to the bottom. Remember if you don’t see it then it does not exist. Organize the snacks neatly in the drawer. I try to keep the snacks scannable. Then place the drawer on a shelf where they can easily see and access it.

2. Have variety

A snack drawer is only as good as the snacks it contains so I think it is important to have a healthy variety. This keeps it interesting and provides choices. My snack drawer contains fruit (grapes or apples), cliff bars (any protein bar), Greek individual yogurts, bags of almonds, cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, cut up veggies, and other items like this. This gives me a nice variety to choose from.

3. Set guidelines or rules

The first week our snack drawer was in place I learned it is important to have rules or guidelines. If not then I guarantee the cliff bars will go before anything else and at the end of the week I will be left with all the veggies. So I tell myself that once an item is gone that’s it. There are no refills until the next week.