Whole Body, Whole Food…….Online Challenge

Whether you goal is to lose weight, educate yourself on healthy, clean eating or get new ideas and recipes…….Hope’s “Whole Body, Whole Food Challenge” is for you! Portion Sizes is just one of the many weekly “nutrition topics” that is covered in this program, along with weekly interactive exercise videos, a private Facebook Group that provides ongoing daily support, encouragement and accountability, recipe sharing, as well as nutrition and fitness tips. Being able to hear the words “I know how you feel” from someone who truly does know how you feel can pull you up and help you keep going. That’s the power of support groups: knowing you are not alone in your journey. Knowing there is someone else out there like you who understands.

Why Join an Online Group Challenge?

· Affordable
· Flexible
· Group Support
· Most Important…..”ACCOUNTABILITY”
· build a tribe of amazing ladies who will hold each other accountable

What are some of the biggest challenges people face when trying to do it on their own?

· Lack of support
· No plan
· An abundant amount of overwhelming information and nobody to trust
· No accountability

Choose the option that is best for you!

Register for Option A and receive a FREE Recipe Book!

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Option A Includes:
•accountability, motivation and ongoing support through our PRIVATE Facebook group
•recipes, food ideas and grocery shopping guide
•weekly nutrition topics
•exercise videos
•weight loss/measurements (optional)
•posting and accountability point system (win prizes)
•daily support and accountability from Hope
•weekly emails
•grand prize to be won

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Option B Includes
•returning members who have been through the full program and want that continued support and motivation to reach their goals through the Private Group
•accountability to keep you on track
•daily posts from Hope and group
•recipes, helpful hints and tips for nutrition and exercise advice to hold you accountable
•weekly weigh ins (optional)
•ongoing sharing of nutrition tips
•grand prize to be won