Group Class Client Testimonials

Tracey Fallis

“The unique one on one experience you receive at GraceFit by Hope is by far more than you receive from a gym environment”

I have participated in just about everything Hope has offered at her studio – from private classes to on-line challenges. Hope remains open, honest and compassionate. Her ability to encourage each client and uphold complete respect for each individual is incredible.

I have been attending two classes a week at Hope’s for about 3 years. I enjoy “Muscle Pump” because Hope concentrates on every muscle group and you finish feeling like you’ve accomplished something – when your arms are still vibrating after one of her classes, you know she’s done her job! “WOW” class is amazing and because it’s a new workout every week, you never get bored and she manages to provide a full body workout with each class.

If you haven’t talked to Hope in person, give her a call, you will instantly hear in her voice her love and dedication to your health and wellness. Come out and try one of her classes, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Melissa Harper

“I love the high intensity, and the variety I get from your classes. I think you are an amazing instructor/coach and I feel that I always, always get a good workout on Monday nights. I played girls rep hockey for 12 years. After I stopped playing hockey at such an intense level, I hadn’t really found another way to workout at that level until I started your circuit classes this past summer.”

Erin Coons

I like the format of your classes, but what I really like, aside from the atmosphere and convenience, is that I see results for me and I see them in others as well; in a relatively short time frame and in a balanced approach. It’s challenging, a good warm up and workout, and I love the stretch at the end.