Getting Organized

What you will need to get started:

A scale to weigh yourself
A measuring tape
A food scale, measuring cups, etc.
Containers for meal prep (different sizes)
Shaker cup (protein shakes)

1. Print the grocery shopping guide and stock up on some groceries.

I have created this sheet as a reference guide for you to refer to throughout the program. For now, choose some of your favourite foods,or foods that you are familiar with to get you started. As we go through the different weekly topics, more foods will be introduced.

2. Take your initial measurements.

 Please print off the measurement sheet. The instructions will detail how to take five key measurements to properly assess your inch loss: waist, hips, chest, thigh and arm. Take before and after pics. You will need to send these in to me with measurements! Optional if you would like to post them.

3. Weight

You will need to weigh yourself on the first day challenge begins, and every Monday thereafter, If you would like to participate in the “weight loss” part of this challenge. It is optional whether or not you post it in the group, but this should be sent to me by email or text. I require a picture of you standing on the scale, showing me the number, with the date. This will be done every Monday.

4. Keeping track of your food. What method are you going to use to track your food intake?
Food tracker –

– If you decide to use My Fitness Pal. familiarize yourself with this program and install on device OR….

A Food Journal (Provided)

– I have designed a food and exercise journal that I think will be very helpful. But if you have another method that works better for you to help stay on track, please do so.

Set yourself up for Success. I will be inviting you in to our PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL group on Facebook. Once you accept the invite, please introduce yourself to the group and share something about yourself.

I look forward to working with all of you. I am here to help, support and lead you through this challenge and wishing you all much success!